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Just after the new Phoenix server

was launched, many players came in

looking for a new challenge.

They were newbies and veterans,

all willing to play Shaiya.

They were not playing alone,

but altogether, as teams.

They created parties, unions and later on,


Many veterans came here to rebuild

their guild and make new friends ...

Among them, a small group of players

from the old Teos server,

led by a little girl, named Gina,

gave birth to one of the first guilds:

Legends of Teos.

They were hoping to become one of the main

players community of Phoenix server.

Their plan was growing day by day,

with more and more people joining.

Fighting together,

farming together, talking

and discussing different game aspects

and much more...

Till one day,

when an awful disaster occurred:

Gina's laptop got broken.

Unable to play anymore, the guild

was left without leader.

The confusion has settled.

Every member was waiting for Gina

to return, but it didn't happen.

Day by day, the guild was falling appart.

Active players were leaving

to join other guilds, while the loyal ones

were still hoping for leader's return.

Those days are known as the

most horrible ones a guild ever met.

Legends of Teos became nothing more

than a name on the long

guilds' list ...





One day, after 6 full weeks

of dejection and disillusion, the

the guilds' sun rose once again:

Gina received a new laptop.

Enhanced with a new will and

a burning desire of remaking her team,

she decided to discard her past

along with Teos server name.

Together with her good friend CAED,

with the loyal Sudhakar,

and Morco, a GRB-only player,

she raised a new guild,

one never saw before.

Morco's obsession for GRB threw

the new guild's name directly in top 30,

and higher and higher with every week.

Gina could now focus on regaining

the lost time as becoming a high-level

and well-known player of Phoenix.

She leveled in few weeks after her return

like others in all the months passed

since the server was launched.

Nothing could stop her now ...

Soon after, the little group of players

started to grow.

The guild was getting bigger day by day.

Long gone are the weeks

when Morco and Sudhakar

were hunting in GRB as duo.

A great army of players,

together with Gina,

is now rushing in GRB,

aiming for the top rank as the most

powerful guild of Phoenix server.

And that guild is known as


The Syndicate





The story ends here.

But a new story has already began !

And it can be yours !


So-and-so has logged on!